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“Our trip to Mongolia remains one of the most epic adventures of our lives!  Apart from the pristine beauty of Mongolia with its amazing nomadic history and traditions was the guided four wheel camping and yurt adventure with our beautiful guide and new friend Munkhjargal and Bold.  From Start to absolute finish we were given a taste of the rich landscape and multifaceted taste of Mongolian Life.  Our journey straddled the inner and outer archetypal traditions of this mysterious land and culture and remains the most colourful & treasured memories we have to date on our vast exploration of sacred sites around the globe.  A deep experience with deep lifetime memories and friends made!” 

                                                                  Sharon & Bruce Lyon 

Moturoa Island, New Zealand.

"In the summer of 2016 my friends and I went for a week with Bold on a road trip through Mongolia. It was truly the most amazing experience! We traveled in a very comfortable Land Cruiser and stayed, apart from one night in a tent, every night at a ger camp. Bold had put together a great itinerary with a wide variety of activities, such as visiting Kharkhorin, camel riding through the sand dunes of Mongol Els, relaxing in a natural hot spring and exploring Lake Khuvskul by boat. A very special highlight of our trip was our stay with a local family. We set up tents next to the ger of the Mongolian family and participated in and learned about their life in the Mongolian countryside.

Bold was an absolutely GREAT tour guide. He is very flexible and always willing to help. He participated exactly at the right times in the conversations and activities and suggested small adjustments in the itinerary based on what he thought we would like. Throughout the holiday we really felt understood by him and that was one of the things that made this trip unforgettable! Thank you Bold!!!"

Veerle Hisken


“Nomudara small tour company allows you the opportunity to travel like a local and experience things you could never get on a tour bus. Like the day we were traversing the glorious wide steppes in summer and came across local herders trying to catch their wild horses. Of course, we stopped awhile! This is why we were here in Mongolia. One of the travellers was even challenged to a wrestling match (a Mongolian manly sport). Bold knows the countryside like the back of his hand. He knows when to leave the safety of the paved roads, where to find food and where to stop for the night. This is his country and you are in capable hands! I've travelled with Bold three times now -  south to the splendours of the Gobi, and west to the wide steppes of Arkhangai.” 

                                                                  Marion MacQueen


“In early June, 2015, I was in Mongolia to work on an Earthwatch project for two weeks; I wanted to spend an additional two weeks in country touring the northwest, and I learned that hiring a car and driver was really the only way to do what I wanted to do. I didn't know any drivers, and I didn't know any interpreters, and none of the tours I found on the Internet would work for me. I was so fortunate when a friend referred me to Munkhjargal (Mugy). Researching tours on the Internet had left me frustrated: They were all outside my price range, not going where I wanted to go, or their schedules didn't work with mine.

With bits and pieces from the itineraries I had seen advertised, I crafted a tentative, personalized tour and contacted Mugy with my ideas. She refined them in light of her knowledge of the area, and after she quoted me a really reasonable price, I was ready to go. The day my friend and I flew to Khovd and met our driver and interpreter, I knew it was going to be a great trip, and so it turned out to be. The vehicle was a late-model Toyota Land Cruiser, clean, comfortable, and in good condition; the driver was competent and reliable and spoke Kazakh as well as Mongolian; and our interpreter, Ami, spoke excellent English and throughout the course of my two weeks with her, proved herself to be an invaluable, resourceful guide. We still keep in touch through Facebook.

In short, I had a great experience and have no hesitation in recommending Mugy. Mongolia is such a beautiful and amazing country. I hope I can come back again some day and when I do, I will definitely contact Mugy again.”                                                                  

Leigh Williams

United States

Why does one travel? The answer to this question will probably generate a never-ending list.

However, finding happiness is possibly one of the quests of human life. If so, then travel is one of the few activities that shed a light on its deep mechanisms, articulations, paradoxes and passions. Being able to travel means that you have been already freed from the constrains of work or the fight for survival. Travel might help then discover, in an inarticulate way, what life could be about.

Mongolia...What a beautiful country you are... 3570 km under the tires of our car...most of them off road, more than 2000 in the Gobi Desert. Winds, cold, snow, dry air, unforgiving sun. It was tough, we have to admit it but nonetheless even more rewarding. There are experiences for which you need to be prepared and we were fortunately ready for you.


You addressed dreams of our souls, taught us valuable lessons and brought about a certain change that would not be possible otherwise. You are wild, vast, remote, divers, different, higly energetic and hautingly melancholic. Your history- especially the rise and fall of the Great Mongolian Empire, the largest contiguous land empire in history, reminds us again that nothing will stay the same, that we cannot count on the future or on endless good fortune. 

We have seen beautiful mountains and the mighty desert, mind blowing lakes, endless steppes, dinosaurs' eggs and bones, vultures circling around new born calves or dead animals, eagles and falcons, horses running free. Stele, deer stones, ruins, burial rocks. In face of all that, you realize again and again that we, humans are not the measure of all things- as we are often tempted to think- but just a very small part of them. Time is fleeting and human life is frail. Inevitable truth that we try to avoid. There are bigger things than us and sometimes we need to accept what we don't understand. Humans are toys of the forces that have birth to oceans and sculpted the mountains...

Your people, nomadic herders, so tough but so hospitable, quick witted, independent, problem solvers are remarkable. They taught us the deep meaning of resilience. Just reading about "dzud”, a natural disaster consisting of a summer drought, followed by heavy snowfall with extreme cold temperatures (-50 degrees centigrade temperatures) sent different types of shivers down my spine. I cannot imagine, as much empathy as one could have , how it would be to wake up one morning and see all your all your livestock frozen to death...Your people pack up their Ger their home and their world and move with the entire family to the city, a foreign place where they have to start from zero.

Thank you for everything, Mongolia, it has been an honour!

ps. Profoundly grateful to our guide, Munkhjargal Dorjgotov  and our driver Namsrai Sundui  for keeping us safe, for always having a smile on their faces and made us feel part of a family. None of these things would have been possible without you. Really. :)

                                                                                                                                        Raluca & Mihnea Paraschivesku


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