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Translation, Transportation, Accommodation

& Expeditions Planning

  • Hotel Bookings

  • Countryside Accommodations

  • Luxury Camping Equipment

  • Airport Transfers

  • 4WD Vehicles 

  • Written & Spoken Translation 

  • Film Permits

  • Guiding

  • Buses & Mini Buses

Mongolian Gers & Furniture Export

Interested to have your own Mongolian ger (yurt)?  We work closely with local manufacturers and export custom made Mongolian gers and furniture abroad at a competitive price. So far, our gers have been exported to USA, UK, Australia and Korea. The gers have been used as camp houses in a national park, or as a weekend getaway, a children's play house or a restaurant, etc. 

Mongolian Ger with Canvas
Mongolian Ger Skeleton
Mongolian Ger Pole
Mongolian Ger Top
Mongolian Ger in UK
Mongolian Ger Inside
Mongolian Ger Inside View
Mongolian Ger Door
Mongolian Closet
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